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Transition to School

Transition to School
Starting school is an exciting time of change for children. There are many things you can do to prepare your child for this change. Helping a child feel confident and optimistic about starting school will support a positive transition.
Children begin to view themselves as learners in early learning settings and this assists them in developing a sense of belonging in a school environment. Before transitioning to school our children engage in a Preschool Program or Transition to School Program. This program aims to develop the foundations of success for school. This includes developing skills in literacy, numeracy, self-care, social competence, self-esteem and resilience.
When children begin school there is a lot of change that they will encounter. Our service works in partnerships with families to pave a smooth transition to school. As a parent you can help by doing the following to prepare your child;
1.    Read stories about school
2.    Involve your child in preparing for school e.g. shopping for uniform, buying a school bag and lunch box
3.    Visit the school grounds – locate the playground, toilets, classrooms, assembly area, office
4.    Go the library and borrow a book
5.    Develop self-help skills - going to toilet, personal hygiene, dressing/undressing, opening toilet doors, opening bag/ lunchbox etc.
6.    Plan healthy lunch boxes
7.    Establish a routine – adjust sleeping and waking up time frames before they start school
8.    Before going to school practice the walking or driving route
9.    Agree on a pick up and drop off point and make sure you pick them up on time.  
The school environment is different in terms of academic expectations of school, the physical and social environment, and communication structures. Teachers and school staff are available to help you and your child transition smoothly to this next exciting phase in life’s journey.