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Learning to Share


Practice makes perfect - provide your toddler with opportunities to share. Learning to share is apart of their emotional and social development. Frequently reminding, praising and encouraging your child to share will support this. Sharing leads to children making friends and maintaining relationships. 


How can you teach sharing?

  1. Demonstrate how to share and label this action e.g. “I can share my water bottle with you”
  2. Praise e.g. “it is nice that you shared your toy with your sister”
  3. Direct attention to sharing e.g. “I like the way Sally shared her Barbie”
  4. Discuss how sharing makes people feel e.g. “Sally was really happy when you shared some snacks with her. That was kind” 
  5. Prepare children for situations where they may need to share e.g. “when Michael comes over our house, you need to share your toys. How about you ask Michael what he would like to play with?”
  6. Label toys of importance as “special toys”. These are toys that a child may have a special attachment to or use to sleep/ rest. Pack these toys away with your child.