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Completing Activities at Kindy Castle

Completing Activities at Kindy Castle
By: Ahmed Khalil
There are certain approaches educators take in order to teach children. At times this can appear to be simple play or meaningless activities and is often misunderstood. For this reason I chose to write this blog in order to explain and clarify that even the simplest of approaches educators may facilitate can have deep meaning and will benefit your child in the future. One of these simple approaches with hidden meaning is encouraging children to complete their activities and tasks.
It is so important to teach children to stick to their tasks until the child truly believes they have completed the task at hand.  However, when one looks into the importance of encouraging children to complete their activities it can be understood that they are creating a pathway for themselves, a pathway that builds upon their subjective tools such as building a sense of accomplishment. This feeling can be associated with your child developing an early understanding of success. These feelings cannot be taught in one day which is why we as educators continuously encourage children to complete their tasks making the process ongoing.
There are many approaches which we use that encourage persistence and enthusiasm. This will  allow your child to grow in to the best possible person they can be. This is our aim and this is what we hope to accomplish with each unique child at Engadine Kindy Castle.