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Vision Screening Test

Vision Screening Test

In late September our service will be offering Statewide Eyesight Preschooler Screening Program (STEPS) Vision Screening Tests to children that attend care at the service that are 3 years 11months or older.  

Vision screening is an important component of preventive health in early childhood. Many visual disorders can only be diagnosed through a monocular visual acuity screen and cannot be identified by family history, vision surveillance or observation of the child’s behaviour or appearance alone. Optimal treatment outcomes for childhood vision disorders are achieved with early detection and treatment, preferably before school entry. Failure to detect and treat vision disorders during childhood may lead to permanent loss of vision.

(Source: “Vision screening in preschoolers: the New South Wales Statewide Eyesight Preschooler Screening program”Stephanie J Blows, Elisabeth P Murphy, Frank J Martin and Robyn M Davies, 2014)

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